• Service Plans.



Whether you operate one truck or a large fleet, planning your operating costs is imperative. Service Plans is a maintenance and repair program designed to improve vehicle operational reliability and protect your vehicle and your business from unexpected operating costs. Through Service Plans, the Freightliner dealer network carries out maintenance and repairs according to an agreed schedule and pre-determined costs. Service Plans rates are calculated and agreed by using criteria and information supplied by you, such as vehicle application, anticipated annual kilometres, operating hours, loads and working conditions. This means you can work out a budget with monthly payments and be confident that your agreed maintenance and repair costs are covered.

Service Plans Benefits:

  • Scheduled Servicing

    A planned service and mechanical repair schedule in accordance with the vehicle maintenance manual.

  • Operational Reliability

    Can minimise the risk of vehicle downtime through regular scheduled servicing and repairs.

  • Nationwide Service

    The program is supported by a comprehensive network of authorised Freightliner parts and service professionals.

  • Help protect Resale

    Regular and planned servicing with genuine parts and service may help protect the resale value of your vehicle.

  • Simplified Fleet Maintenance

    Service and payment schedules are forecast, providing the opportunity to assist with efficient budgeting.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Contact

    Vehicles are supported any time anywhere in New Zealand by the nearest authorised dealer.

  • Flexibility The program can be Reviewed and adjusted to reflect changes in the operation of each vehicle

    Preferential Rates on parts and labour.
    Competitive prices on genuine parts and labour.

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