Freightliner’s Coronado 114 is a truck that has been considered, designed and built to ensure it excels in its specific roles. With a short bumper to back of cab, set forward front axle, low tare and big bore engine, this truck is all about maximising loads – and your income – in a range of configurations. Engineered just for the Australian market and tested exhaustively to ensure it can easily handle our extreme conditions, the Freightliner Coronado 114 is the truck many operators have been searching for.

features and benefits

  • Set forward axle
    • 756mm forward overhang
    • Specifically designed for the Australian market (and regulations)
    • Allows for tipper and dog and pocket B-doubles to meet extreme axle spacing requirements for maximum GCM
  • Fits 48’ single trailer
  • Fits 34pallet B-Double config (with 34” sleeper)
  • Easy daily checks with spring assisted hood with transparent reservoirs
    • Lift effort of hood reduced to 20kgs
  • Aerodynamic design – designed and tested in Freightliner’s full size wind tunnel
  • Lightweight aluminium cab design
  • Available with locally developed and tested Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Roll Stability Control (RSC)
  • Available with Wabco OnLaneTM Lane Departure Warning

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coronado 114 walk around video



The Coronado 114 comes with the Detroit Diesel DD15.

Key features:

  • Number of power options
    • 475 hp (354 kW), 1,650-ft
    • 500 hp (373 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    • 505 hp (373 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    • 530 hp (395 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
    • 560 hp (418 kW), 1,850 lb-ft
  • 1700 square inch radiator
  • Integrated Jacobs Brake

Market Leading warranty:

  • 5 years*
  • 1,000,000km*
  • 500,000L of fuel burn*
  • 15,000 hours*

*Whichever comes first

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